RV Show #1

As a kid growing up in a small town I remember going to the “Boat and Home Show” every year. The show was held in the high school gym and featured everything from RV’s to home improvements and what not. As lame as it was in a tiny town, I loved going. The tables always had free candy or pens to give away and I never turn down free stuff. I remember looking at all the fancy stuff people could do to their homes and then walking in all the RV’s and thinking how cool it was. Back then in my mind, RV’s were for rich people, we had tents…or the back of a pick up. They were so fancy, a mini home away from home. At that time I never imagined I’d be buying one to live in full-time.

At the end of Summer 2015 I did research on all the RV shows in our state and marked them on our calendar. Turns out one of the all time biggest RV shows, The Wisconsin RV Show was right in our city. I looked it up and was ecstatic, they had RV’s, tow vehicles, and seminars. On Friday, January 8th, 2016 we set out for the RV show. We were both pretty excited to look around, after all in less than six months we will be purchasing our new “home”. This just made it seem more like reality and less like a dream. The show was held in downtown Milwaukee. From the moment I saw the address and we drove down there I was baffled as to how they would get all those RV’s/Trailers into a building downtown. Who the heck wants to tow something like that through downtown and better yet what building can accommodate all that? Let’s not forget, how will they get them into the building???  We arrived late morning and were directed to the third floor of the Wisconsin Center. Yes, third floor, at this point I was totally confused as to how they got all those RV’s and stuff to the third floor of a downtown building.

When we got to the third floor we were absolutely amazed by the amount of stuff they fit up there and all the things to see. I was still unsure how everything got in there, but at this point I was so excited to look it didn’t matter. We passed the tables selling odds and ends and turned the corner to the actual show and were mesmerized by all those RV’s. We stopped at a couple tables and entered our names in some drawings and then moved on to see the RV’s. The first row we looked in one or two and then realized this was a row of contraptions that would be far too small. We walked to the end of the row and decided to go into the first RV in the next section. It was a fifth wheel and originally I didn’t want one, we had decided on getting a travel trailer, but we were here to be open minded and look at everything. I didn’t care for any fifth wheel layouts I had seen shopping online. They all seemed to put the bed above the part that goes over the back of the truck. To me it didn’t seem home like at all and it seemed claustrophobic.

We walked into this fifth wheel and all my previous thoughts about fifth wheels vanished. It was incredible. We both fell in love with it. The living room was placed in the area that goes over the back of the truck rather than a bed. It was perfectly homey and the layout was incredible. We were in awe! I knew instantly that was what I wanted and luckily he agreed! I could have stopped looking right there, my mind was made up, but we were there to look at as many as we could and get an idea of what we like and what we don’t.

After about an hour and a half of climbing in and out of RV’s we were exhausted and hot. At that time we made our way to the seminar we planned to attend “Preparing to Full-time”. The seminar was given by the couple (Howard and Linda Payne) that runs the blog RV-Dreams. They seemed so happy, I loved it. Mr. Payne spoke during the seminar and boy was it overwhelming all the stuff he brought up. Most of it I had already read about, but hearing it out loud made it seem scarier. I found comfort in the fact that they were new to the lifestyle when they started too. We had planned to attend another seminar or two, but were too exhausted after all that (and didn’t want a parking ticket :0).

We went home and looked at more pictures and information about the fifth wheel we fell in love with. We decided that it is the one we want and we are going to try our best to get it. I think with enough team work we can do it! Stay tuned for when I share details on our love child the fifth wheel!

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