First Things First

We would love to up and leave tomorrow on this crazy adventure, but we have to be realistic. There are some things that have to be done first and we have decided that me finishing school is one of them. I have officially made it through my first two weeks. It wasn’t easy, I’ve already had two exams, a case study, six clinical skills, and a sixteen page research paper assigned. It’s been difficult balancing the housework (or lack of), school work, and family time. Somehow I survived these first weeks by applying my strange tactics. There have been a lot of one pan, 5 ingredient or less dinners. I have spent a lot of time reading and sniffing rosemary oil in hopes that the research about it improving memory retention is correct. I have also strategically planned my pretest eating to ensure proper carb and protein ratio. While I’m busy keeping the house together and doing whatever strange thing I can to make it through nursing school, my boyfriend is busy looking for a second job to support us and help us save up. So far we have sold a few things on Ebay and have been busy inventorying his huge action figure collection. A month ago we rented a storage unit to store his collection along with a number of our other belongings . This has helped us to clear out the house a bit and go through things in order to purge things. We have already gotten rid of a lot of stuff. In less than a year we will be living in a tiny house that moves and most of what we have now won’t be joining us. It’s all so overwhelming and exciting at the same time.


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