Back to the Drawing Board

So…. this past weekend we went RV shopping and truck shopping…kind of. Well, that was the plan anyway. We already knew what we wanted, it was just a matter of finding it. I should probably back up and mentioned that a few weeks ago I totaled my car. Yep, I sure did. That kind of forced us into doing things a bit sooner than planned. I will remind you, the original plan was to trade in both of our vehicles closer to summer and get a truck and a fifth wheel. Now with one vehicle we were forced to make a decision much sooner, which actually turned out to be a good thing, because there is a lot to decide.

We decided to live with one vehicle and just get our truck and fifth wheel sooner than planned. I started calling around to see what was out there and we made some plans to go see some stuff this past weekend. I had spoken with a salesman at an RV dealership over the phone and the next day received a text from him stating to let him know if we needed any assistance…”that’s nice” I thought, and I told him we would probably be in that weekend to look…then he wanted to know what time. He’s a salesman I get it, dude lives off of commission, so I let it go.

We went to the dealership Saturday morning. We looked around and he answered all our questions and I told him we had already spoke with our bank and all we wanted was a write up of costs to take back to the bank. Well turns out he sold the unit we went to look at (but failed to mention that the night before when we spoke), but hey no worries he can sell us this newer version for only ten grand more! We were quite hesitant and he was quite pushy. We told him we wanted to think about, after all it is a large purchase! He kept asking what the problem was and what would change between now and five hours from now when they close. My boyfriend explained he felt it was important that we look at trucks first. The sales guy started making deals and he offered a decent price so we said “ok, write up the paper for the bank”, then he wanted us to sign something and make a deposit and that’s when we said no…and that’s when he got mad. We made that no pretty firm when he couldn’t guarantee that we could get our $500 deposit back if we changed our minds. Again he began asking what the problem was and he thought we were ready to make a decision. I was honest and told him we don’t like being pressured and he was being far too pushy. He made a comment about us saying we were going to make a decision today and that now we had to…that’s when my boyfriend hopped up out of his chair and said “WE are the buyers and WE make that decision, not you”, and we left.

The salesman texted me about an hour later asking how our truck shopping was going. He called about two hours later and left a voicemail asking if we got a truck yet. He then sent another text an hour after that. I finally replied stating we hadn’t found a truck and would be going with a different RV (one he claimed he couldn’t get us), he replied “let me know when I need to do things on my end”. WTF??? On Monday I again received a text asking about how our truck shopping is going. Needless to say I am no longer replying to the sleazy salesman.

So long story short we didn’t buy anything and are now back to the drawing board and looking at all possibilities and options once again….Come July we are outta here!

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