I survived the First Month

I did it, I managed to survive the first month of school. Things will now (hopefully) slow down a bit, while still remaining crazy busy. I made it through my four week, Advanced Skills class and managed to pass with a grade in the 90’s, so I am quite pleased with that. The pressure was quite intense, knowing that any little thing at any time could mean not moving forward in the program. The pressure is still there and there are still plenty of possibilities to mess up, but finishing that class has lifted a huge weight and means I am moving forward and into the clinical phase while continuing my other classes.

It may seem like a small feat to many, but I am proud of myself, it was a lot of work. I put in a lot of effort. I succeeded and….

  • I didn’t let my house go to complete hell (let’s be honest it’s no fairy tale in here, but it’s not bad considering)
  • I didn’t gain any weight (I actually lost a pound or two)
  • I studied a LOT, but actually feel like it made sense and I know the material
  • I still found time to advocate for my beliefs and hang posters against cruelty
  • I managed to maintain my every other weekend hours at work
  • I found time to spend quality time with family (The dogs will argue this one and are feeling more neglected than ever even though I’ve been home more than ever these days now that I’m not working full-time)
  • We survived financially

All in all it was a success and I can’t wait to keep going and bust out this degree so that we can get on the road to our dream (literally). Despite being so antsy I am trying to enjoy each day, because they are already going so fast and they are always numbered.



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