Avocado Mashed Potatoes



I absolutely LOVE potatoes, they have been a staple in my diet ever since I can remember. Mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, french fries, hash browns, you name it. I also happen to love avocados. Up until about a year ago the only form of avocado I was familiar with was guacamole, you know the stuff you eat with chips and salsa. I was unaware that there was a whole world of possibilities out there. So I started buying avocados, first I made homemade guacamole, but I eventually branched out. Now I find myself constantly eating avocados. One of my favorite meals is Gardein vegan burger with avocado slices and a baked potato. The avocado and potato go very well together and it was a simple, fast, and tasty meal. I have read numerous times that avocado makes a good butter substitute. This got me thinking that perhaps avocado mashed potatoes would be good. I started searching Pinterest and found a post, but the link was broken, and all the other posts were for avocado cauliflower mash. I decided to just throw something together myself since it isn’t exactly rocket science. I’m no expert, but it turned out pretty tasty. I will definitely play with the measurements more to perfect it to my taste in the future. This recipe is really something that varies based on taste preferences and the size of the potatoes ect that you are using, but mostly taste. This gives you the idea(s) and guidelines, but you really have to individualize it.

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Peel the potatoes. I used golden potatoes, because they have a creamier texture and it’s what I had on hand.

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Cut them up into chunks.

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Place potato chunks in boiling water and boil them until you can easily pierce them with a fork.

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While the potatoes are boiling, bust out the avocado

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Slice it up. You can use half, if you just want to replace the butter with it or the whole thing if you really like avocado like me!

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When potatoes are ready drain the water and then place potatoes back in the pot. Add vegetable broth. Some people are fancy and make their own veggie broth, I just used store bought.

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Add the sliced avocado, salt, lemon juice, pepper, and garlic to the potatoes.

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Blend together. I used an electric mixer, you could use a food processor or high speed blender.


Taste test your pot of green mush and add salt, pepper, or other things as needed to taste.

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Begin preparing your plate…

unnamed (1)

Continue adding food items to your plate…


When your plate is appealing to both you eye and your stomach it is complete.


Remember to add ingredients slowly and adjust to taste


-approximately 9 med/small golden potatoes

-1/2 to 1 medium avocado

-1/2 cup vegetable broth

-3/4 tsp salt

-1/4 tsp pepper

-1/2 tsp finely minced garlic

-1 tsp fresh lemon juice


1.) Start a pot of boiling water on the stove

2.) Peel potatoes and cut into chunks

3.) Add potatoes to boiling water and boil until you can easily pierce with a fork

4.) Drain water and place potatoes back in pan

5.) Add all ingredients to pan with potatoes (avocado, vegetable broth, salt, pepper, lemon juice, garlic)

6.) Blend all ingredients with an electric mixer, food processor, or blender.

7.) Add more salt and pepper, ect to taste.

*Use the entire avocado for more full flavor, use only half to mimic butter substitution. You may substitute almond milk or another plant based milk instead of vegetable broth for an even more creamy texture, however the golden potatoes along with avocado tend to already produce a very creamy texture. I personally use more than one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice ( I squeezed almost half a lemon), I love lemon and love the extra flavor and kick. I recommend starting small and gradually adding. Don’t like garlic? Don’t add it. At the very end you may want to add more salt and pepper to taste. Add other seasonings and ideas to your hearts content. I garnished mine with green onions.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I know avocado and strange things like this aren’t for everyone and these amounts are very much based on taste, but what did you think?

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