Cruelty Free and Cheap-It’s Possible!


I have always loved a good bargain, probably because I have always lived paycheck to paycheck. I also won’t give up hygiene or certain little luxuries (like shampoo, laundry soap, ect). On top of all that the items in my home need to be cruelty free (no animal testing), that is a requirement. Some things I prefer in my products would be that they are environmentally friendly and free of a lot of chemicals (not always possible). Buying cruelty free is considered difficult by most people, but it’s actually super simple. Most people assume you have to go to special stores or fancy places to buy cruelty free items…Not true, I sure don’t consider Target, Walgreens, and my local grocery store fancy by any means. The other huge myth that surrounds cruelty free shopping is it’s expensive…It most definitely can be, but it doesn’t have to be.

*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the brands I picture or mention, I just happen to like them*



Household Products:

I personally love Method products, they are plant derived, cruelty free, natural, and in my opinion moderately priced. They pretty much have it all, laundry products, dish soap, dishwasher tabs, bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners, personal products, and more. You can find Method products at most targets and on sites such as Amazon, but I prefer to buy directly from the Method website as it is much cheaper. These products are not dollar store cheap, but they are relatively affordable and especially when in comparison to major household brands.


As I mentioned you won’t find these at the dollar store, but you can find these products at Target, some grocery stores, and online (which is usually cheaper!). The laundry soap smells incredible, I like to mix the scents, but they also have a free and clear version. I always use scented, because I have three dogs. The dishwasher tabs work great and my dishes are always clean. The hand wash refill saves quite a bit of money. The price is approximately the same as two small hand soap bottles and will fill them more than two times, so great deal.


When it comes to dish soap I have used Method and Meyers, but the giant bottle of dish soap pictured in the picture on top was a killer deal. This was from Costco though. I don’t shop at Costco, but my boyfriend’s mom is obsessed with it. She wanted to buy us stuff for the house one day while I was at work and came back with this. She knows how picky I am about things being cruelty free. I am so particular with my brands I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but it’s great and lasts forever!

With other random household items, I buy Earth Friendly trash bags and toilet paper. The toilet paper I would compare to Angel Soft (what I used years ago) in quality and cheaper in price. I have also used my Walgreens points in the past to purchase Seventh Generation toilet paper, which is nice as well. Earth Friendly products are at my local grocery store. I love their trash bags, they come in a pack of 70 for $4.99.

When it comes to household cleaning products I have tried different brands, again I like Method products, but I have tried Green Works and Meyers. My favorite things to clean with are vinegar and baking soda. They are cheap and work well! Not only do they clean well almost any surface, but they unclog drains! Check out my sink cleaner here.

Personal Products:



Now that the house is covered, what about me? Let’s start with one of the most multipurpose thing in my house….COCONUT OIL! You can wash your face with it, you can shave with it, you can put it in your hair, you can moisturize with it, you can bake with it, you can oil pull, use it as deodorant, and the possibilities are endless. I have a jar in the kitchen, a jar in the bedroom, and a jar in the bathroom. I use it as moisturizer and deodorant mainly. I have tried it as face wash and hair oil, but it was a bit too heavy for those. I love it as deodorant though and love using it after I shave. So get some coconut oil and go nuts!



Like a lot of girls, I’m picky with my hair. It doesn’t get much cheaper than White Rain, eighty nine cents at my grocery store. It smells great, it’s not fancy, but it works just fine, and it’s super affordable. I also love Dessert Essence hair products, they aren’t as cheap as White Rain, but they certainly are cheaper than salon products, and they are vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free. They also smell incredible.



Of course you need to wash your body too and I don’t know about others, but I need to smell good. Again when it comes to cheap, White Rain is where it’s at. The body wash smells great and doesn’t dry out my skin and again it’s at the local grocery store (I know Dollar Tree sells it too). I also like Method’s body wash, not dirt cheap, but only $2.99 for the bottle pictured above and it has lasted me quite a while.



I have used Dessert Essence toothpaste (and like it), then I discovered the Hello brand at Target for about three dollars cheaper. I really like it, I feel fresh and clean using it.



I am a lotion freak, if there’s one thing that drives me crazy, it’s dry skin! I recently discovered White Rain has lotion too! The lotion smells great, but it’s a bit perfumy for me. I mixed it with some of my unscented lotion and it works great. My favorite lotion is Kiss My Face, but at almost ten dollars a bottle I can’t always get it. I do like my most recent idea of mixing it with my cheaper lotion so it lasts longer.


In general I am pretty cheap, but not everything I like and use is dirt cheap. I don’t buy expensive products, but I do splurge on moderately priced stuff at times. If you want to stick with pretty darn cheap, I say get some baking soda, some coconut oil, and some White Rain. Recently I was at my local grocery store and noticed lots of other cruelty free products. I have also been noticing more and more at other stores and drug stores. When you have time, take the time to really search shelves and read labels. Don’t forget to search Google too. You really will be surprised at how much you find. Like I said not everything is dirt cheap, but look how much people spend on brands like Tide, Gain, ect. I spend about that or less and get a better product without the cruelty. Again sorry for the sideways pictures. Just remember it is totally possible to be cruelty free and still have a clean home, beautifully scented clean laundry, and smell great yourself. Better for the animals, better for the environment, and better for you.